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Project Description

FindEm is a breakthrough app, allowing recruiters to:

      👉 create a job posting and publish it as an ad on Facebook
      👉 design a chatbot, that performs candidate screening
      👉 connect the job posting with the chatbot, so potential candidates can seamlessly start their application, without leaving Facebook or Messenger

From a technical point of view, the app required an admin dashboard, integration with Facebook's Marketing & Messenger APIs and a Chatbot service.


The project was delivered within 4 months of work.

Chatbot and admin backend were built using Django and Python, while the frontend has been built with Vue.

Since February 2020, the app has seen over 10 recruitment campaigns published simultaneously & the chatbot is handling over 10000 messages daily.

Here is an example of a conversation designed by a recruiter, answered by a targeted Facebook user:

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While the delivery was smooth, there was a problem with Facebook business verification & App Review processes. Keeping their partners to a high standard, Facebook required us to undergo the review process for both chatbot and ad management permissions multiple times. This slowed down the overall development by a week.

Self Made role

One of our co-founders was an individual contributor to the development team, solely responsible for chatbot development.

Technology used

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