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NU4IT is a company specializing in robotic process automation. For this project, NU4IT needed support with Web development and marketing/Facebook automation.

Project Description

From the beginning, the project had a clearly specified goal — to develop a web app that allows Facebook marketers to rapidly experiment with their Facebook Ads parameters.

The users should be able to:

- Login with Facebook / Log out

- See and review their Ad Campaigns / Ad Sets / Ads

- Create a new campaign

- Create a config that defines multiple ad sets at once, publishes them and allow them to monitor which ones perform the best

- Create an ad for those ad sets and run the experiment

- Monitor experiment results


Self Made delivered a working MVP after 1 month of development. Every user story has been successfully delivered and the app has successfully launched to over 200 users.

Ad campaign creation

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The user can create a campaign and set a desired objective.

Ad set creation

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The user can define fixed or variable iteration types. If a type is variable, the app will mix it with other variable types to create a combination of adsets.

In this example, the user defines 3*2*1*4=24* adsets with a budget of 100 PLN each.

*3 locations, 2 genders, 4 different age ranges (20-25, 25-30, 30-35, 35-40)

Ad creation

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In MVP all ads are image ads and users can define their title, message, image and Call To Action.

Ad tracking

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After the whole campaign has been created, users can analyse the performance in the Ad Tracking tab.


While Facebook Marketing API is quite mature, it left us with maaaany problems. You should be prepared to face those in your projects:

- Due to our wrong approach, we couldn't upload an ad set for a week. However, instead of letting us know about the problem, we got a 500 error and had to go through a support.

- The business verification left our client "in review" for 2 weeks, which has delayed the project.

- The documentation for specific parts like object_story_spec and of campaign_objective was missing or misleading.

- Graph explorer and Facebook SDKs are buggy, and I recommend everybody to perform their API exploration with Postman.

Self Made role

Self Made designed and developed the whole experience and Facebook API integration.

Technology used

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