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Project Description

With OnBoard, you can build a customized authentication flow that fits the requirements of your industry for a secure, low-cost and superior customer onboarding experience.

Onboarded users can authenticate themselves in under 2 minutes with a selfie and a picture of a government-issued identity document.


We decided to build the app with a standard Python stack on the backend:

      πŸ‘‰ Django for logic
      πŸ‘‰ PostgreSQL for database
      πŸ‘‰ Celery for async tasks
      πŸ‘‰ Redis for caching & the task queue

We developed frontend as a React app and deployed everything on AWS Kubernetes (EKS) and CloudFront

The app allowed the onboarded users to:

      πŸ‘‰ Input personal details
      πŸ‘‰ Perform a face / movement scan to prove they are human
      πŸ‘‰ Scan their ID
      πŸ‘‰ Check for their presence on global watchlists

The final project looked like this:

Landing page

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Onboarding start

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Personal data input

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Face / movement scan

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ID scan

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Self Made role

One of our cofounders was an individual contributor of the backend team.

Technology used

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