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Wunderpen is an amazing company producing handwritten looking thank you cards and letters at scale. They needed to improve their process of estimating price of their products.

Project description

The calculator should allow the admins to:

- manage the factors going into the final price estimation

- look into estimates that their clients are performing

- embed the calulator on their own website

There should be two versions of the tool:

- customer price calculator

- internal price calculator

The internal calculator is used only by wunderpen's sales representatives and should contain all the project factors.

The customer calculator should include only limited set of factors, but show some visualization instead


The calculator has been built within 2 weeks and is now embedded in Wunderpen's landing page. Designs has been provided by the client.

Customer price calculator

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Internal price calculator

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Self Made role

Self Made built the product end to end, under a supervision from Wunderpen's CEO.

Technology used

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