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Marketing automation

As experts in Facebook Marketing API and Google AdWords API, we can simplify your ad campaign management to a couple of clicks. Do you want to publish 100s of campaigns simultaneously? Track their budgets? See insights in a daily review in Slack?

Best for: Marketing agencies scaling their operations

Tech: Python, Zapier, FB Marketing API, AdWords API, Amazon Advertising API

Timeline: 1-2 weeks for the discovery phase, then 1 month for the integration development

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Data engineering

Your business probably use tons of different services. You sell products on Shopify and Amazon. You analyze your data in Excel. You publish yours reports via email. You spend hundreds of hours a year managing those services.

Best for: Businesses with hundreds of daily orders & users

Tech: AWS, Kafka, Airflow, BigQuery, Python, Airtable, Serverless, Google Sheets

Timeline: Usually, we are able to work on your project right away. You can expect results right after the first sprint (2 weeks).

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Machine learning

With tools like Amazon SageMaker or Google AutoML, machine learning is more efficient and approachable than ever. Whether it's churn prediction or computer vision, we can use your data to power up and automate your business.

Best for: Enterprise with a large amount of unutilized data

Tech: Amazon SageMaker, Google AutoML, TensorFlow, GPT-3 API

Timeline: 1-2 weeks for discover and data engineering. First model based on production data after first sprint, first deployment under 1 month.